Piperglass FAQs

How long is the process likely to take between commissioning and delivery of the finished item(s)?

Because every project is different, it can be difficult to put a time on the design and testing process. For the actual manufacture, however, we generally ask customers to allow seven to 14 days between receipt of their order and delivery.

We require one or two pieces of glass. Would you manufacture and supply such a small quantity?

There is no minimum limit to the number of items we will produce. However, we do operate a £35 minimum order charge.

Are you able to send consignments worldwide?

Yes, we have been exporting our products for many years using TNT International. Customers can also use their own couriers if preferred.

How are the goods packaged and are they likely to incur damage in transit?

All consignments are appropriately packaged to withstand the impact of accidentally being dropped. We seldom experience breakages.

Do you provide an installation service?

No. At present we cannot provide this service but are in a position to recommend appropriate contacts.

Will it be possible for us to visit your factory during manufacture of our order?

We would welcome it. You will be assured that we are giving your order our best attention, and it will give us the opportunity to discuss any issues that may arise during production.